Turquality Executive Education Program is a very good program that covers the processes that stand out in companies by considering today's needs, and aims to both develop managerial competencies and provide more in-depth new perspectives on marketing. The training process we received at Koç University was very productive, with a staff of academics and industry professionals who are competent in their field, constantly renewing themselves by following current developments. Since the information we learned in the lessons included current issues related to business life, it enabled us to gain different perspectives and to actively use what we learned in our business processes. Thanks to the program, I also had the opportunity to gain the infrastructure I needed in the reading and analysis of financial data, which every manager should know. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to participate.

Demet İncirci
Asaş Aluminum, Corporate Communications and Aluminum Design Products Group Manager

Turquality Koç University 19. Term Executive Education Program has been one of the most important steps in my career journey. I spent a period that helped me to show my experiences and communication skills, and to improve myself by putting more on it. The content of the program also enabled me to have the knowledge that I expected exactly, from the top unit of the company to the bottom unit, to influence all processes. Every Friday and Saturday, I have made excellent gains first for myself and then for my company, with the well-equipped trainers of the program and the experienced and successful senior managers of the companies involved in the program. It's my turn to take over the flag to pass on all these achievements to the people I work with. Thank you very much for contributing to my vision development process that will contribute first to myself, then to my company, and then to my country. A special thank you to Mrs. Cansu Kuman Sezgin and Ms. Zeynep Güzelmeriç who was with us at every moment of the program, with our every question. Getting to know you and being a part of the program was a unique experience.

I wish that this network, which will be in constant communication, will not be broken.

Ece Bilge
Ankutsan, Strategic Planning Manager

I am delighted to have made an invaluable contribution to my career and personal development by completing the 2021-2022 Term Koç University Turquality Executive Education Program. In this program, we encountered an educational content designed by considering all aspects in order to keep up with the speed of the world that has developed and grown faster than ever before for the last 40 years, to stay current in today's world and to struggle with the dynamic structure of business life. With an extremely global and contemporary perspective, the program has enabled us to have a broad vision on many interdisciplinary issues, starting from the very basics on behalf of company management. In order for us to internalize the ``decision-making`` mechanism, which is one of the most vital stages in Company Management, all stages of data collection, conversion into information, information acquisition and analysis were conveyed to us. I would like to express my gratitude to the honorable executives of Turquality for the thoughtful setup and close follow-up of the program, to the very valuable and esteemed Koç University academics who have shared their vast knowledge and experience with us with great devotion, and to all our instructors involved in the program.

Gülfem Alapala
Alapala, Board Member

After meeting the Koç University Executive Education Programme, I made great progress especially in my business and private life. I completed the training in about 7 months. At the end of the training, I can say that I have personally improved in many areas. In particular, I made progress on topics such as work-life balance, leadership and team management, empathy, decision making in uncertainties, employee-manager relationship, digital world, how to look at big data, how to interpret this data, and data-based decision making skills. Throughout the training with 36 of my friends, what we learned through the training contents, case studies, group and project studies, presentations and different methods offered to us did not stay in the article, but became permanent in a way that we will use in our business and private lives. The fact that the trainings are interactive, that friends from different companies share their experiences, and that our instructors are people from the business world increased the efficiency and benefit of the trainings. The trainings, examples and cases were the issues that we all face every day in our business life. I would like to thank Koç University for developing and changing our leadership, problem solving competencies and thinking style in today's competitive business world, and I recommend it to all future manager candidates.

Halil Şengül
Seranit, Strategic Marketing and Retail Channel Manager