As GSK Turkey, in addition to the projects for employees that we have continued from the past to the present, we have implemented a new program this year with the valuable contributions of Koç University and subject-oriented associations working in the field of HIV. We completed the first term training of this certificate program, which is called GSK Academy, last month. We are happy to have successfully completed this path, which we set out with the aim of providing training to the participants on many different topics to strengthen their corporate business processes. The positive feedback we have received about this certificate program, which we have created with the valuable knowledge and staff of the Koç University Executive Education Programs, makes us proud and inspires us to implement similar projects. I would like to thank Koç University for their contribution from the beginning to the end of the process.

Zeynep Birgül
GSK, Corporate Communications & Patient Relations Manager

We successfully carry out many different training programs with Koç University Executive Education Programs unit for the training needs of our different employee groups. One of these programs is our “Global Manager” Training Program, which we have been carrying out successfully and proudly every year since 2021. More than 200 of our employees have participated in our program, which we have designed and implemented together with Koç University Executive Education Programs, in order for our employees to achieve the best business results in their international activities, and all of them have stated that they have benefited at a high level and expressed their content.

We highly appreciate, and wish to continue to go great guns with Koç University Executive Education Programs unit who contributed to the success of this and all our other training programs, and whose knowledge, experience and professionalism we trust in corporate training programs.

Aslıhan Yücel
Arçelik A.Ş., Manager, Talent Management & Culture

As Vestel Group of Companies, our preferred business partner for our corporate training needs is Koç University since 2016. Over the years, besides gradually diversifying the training titles and enriching the content, they have always been proactive and particular. They have also enabled us to meet with experienced academics who blend academic knowledge with their experience in the sector.

Ahsen As
Vestel, Training Manager

In our Mini-MBA journey with Koç University, we would like to state that our leaders are one step ahead of everyone else in their journey, thanks to the extraordinary experience and professionalism of Koç University.

Throughout the program, we were extremely pleased with the sincere and positive approach of the Koç University Executive Education Programs, as well as the deep knowledge and experience of the professors and trainers in the program, shedding light on our professional and personal development.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for this unique experience to Koç University, Koç University Executive Education Programs, and the professors & trainers who were with us in the program.

Kaan İlker İşeder
CMC Turkey, Organizational Development and Internal Communication Manager

We have been implementing the first and middle level executive programs of Borusan Academy Leadership Faculty for 2 years in cooperation with Koç University. Working with Koç University allows us to design a program with expert trainers and to create a holistic development journey for our participants by establishing links between the training sessions. We would like to thank the Koç University Executive Education Programs team for their collaboration in the design process and their support in running the program easily.

Sedef Işıldak
Borusan Holding, Group Talent & Development Manager

Since 2018, we have been organizing long-term Executive Training and Development Programs with our solution partners within MNG Cargo Academy. We met with Koç University Executive Education Programs Department at a meeting we held in 2021 to expand our solution partner portfolio. Our most important expectations from a solution partner, which we hope to make our life easier in our busy work schedule, were effective listening, fast analysis and being solution-oriented and this professional team had all of them exceedingly. After this effective meeting, we started to work together in the Executive Development and Leadership programs, one of the most important programs of our education strategy with the beginning of 2022. We are maintaining a very satisfied partnership with instructors consisting of leading professionals and carefully prepared training contents. Koç University Executive Education Programs Department is one of the most important brands in the education sector with its corporate and proactive working culture. We hope that our corporate cooperation will continue for many years, and we would like to thank all the staff, especially the managers and employees of the department.

Serdar Altınbaş
MNG Kargo, Training, Development and Internal Communications Department Manager

In our Leadership Program, which we set out in cooperation with Koç University, our priority has been designing new generation content that will support Kastamonu Entegre to achieve its strategic goals within the framework of sustainable growth. In the journey of the Leadership Program that we based on this design, we had the opportunity to work with trainers who synthesized academic and theoretical careers from different disciplines of Koç University. With the experience of the trainers, we gained new perspectives for the ecosystem we are in. We listened to innovative approaches based on “human-oriented” psychology to be able to read and manage relationships correctly. We were inspired by the changing trends and new methods in the world. We have improved our global market literacy by thinking “outside the box” with an entrepreneurial approach. We had the opportunity to learn by experimenting with simulations. We would like to thank Koç University for this meaningful contribution.

Selim Çelebi
Kastamonu Entegre A.Ş., Global Human Resources Director