Program Overview and Learning Outcomes

In many fields and business sectors, big data has been produced thanks to advancements in computation and hardware fields together with digital transformation enabled by these. Potential added value that can be obtained by processing data and converting it into meaningful results is quite high. However, classical methods are not adequate for this task. That is why the “data science” concept that combines many different disciplines has emerged. The purpose of this program is to convey the data science process to the participants in theoretical and practical terms. In this context, it aims to give the necessary basic programming and mathematics knowledge, to teach machine learning steps and frequently used methods, and to put what is learned into practice.

Outcomes for participants who successfully complete this program:

  • turning business problems into data problems,
  • Python programming for data science,
  • statistical and visual data analysis,
  • basic machine learning algorithms,
  • basic deep learning models,
  • ability to use learned methods for data-driven problem solving.

Who can apply?

Anyone with a background in mathematics or programming, regardless of their industry, position or seniority, who is interested in data processing, drawing meaningful conclusions from data, and data-driven problem solving and wants to apply them in both business and daily life.

Day Training Title
1 Introduction to Data Science
2 Statistics Review for Data Science
3 Introduction to Data Processing in Python 1
4 Introduction to Data Processing in Python 2
5 Introduction to Machine Learning 1
6 Machine Learning Applications in Python 1
7 Introduction to Machine Learning 2
8 Machine Learning Applications in Python 2
9 Introduction to Machine Learning 3
10 Machine Learning Applications in Python 3

Language: Türkçe

Instructors:  Prof. Mehmet Gönen

Duration: 60 hours (10 days)

Location: Zoom 

Dates: 7-9-14-16-21-23-28-30 January-4-6 February 2025

Hours: 9:30 – 16:30

Application Deadline: 7 December 2024 

Tution Fee: 81.500 TL + %20 VAT (97.850 TL VAT included)

Two people from the same organization can benefit from a 5% discount on the total cost. Three or more people can also benefit from a 10% discount on the total cost. Koç University alumni and employees of Koç Group Companies can be enrolled with a 10% discount.

%10 discount: 73.350 TL + %20 VAT

%5 discount: 77.425 TL + %20 VAT

Payment by Credit Card:
For our participants who want to make their payments by credit card, it is possible to pay the training fee in 2 or 3 installments or in a single payment. We kindly ask our participants who want to pay by credit card to send their requests via e-mail to A web link will be sent to our participants for payment.