Which training certificates will I have when I complement all the courses?

When you have completed a total of 10 days of training with 100% participation in separate 5 topics, you are entitled to receive the following 6 certifications:

1) Koç University – CIPS Procurement Academy

2) CIPS – Category Management and Strategic Sourcing

3) CIPS – Supplier Performance and Relationship Management

4) CIPS – Contract Management

5) CIPS – Purchase Price and Cost Analysis

6) CIPS – Personal Influence and Negotiation Management

Who gives the courses?

Instructors who are experts in their fields and qualified instructors of CIPS.

Is there something I need to bring with me to courses? 

There is no need to bring anything with you to the courses. Materials such as notebook, pen and water are available in our classes.

Do we have exams at the end of the program?

No, you do not. You need to complete the program in order to receive your certificates.

Can I join to one part of the program and my colleague to the other part of the program, will be that possible?

Only one person can join.

Will I have a discount if I do not join to one part of the program?

Unfortunately no.