Koç University Executive Education Programs operating as a professional training unit under Koç University Graduate School of Business, designs and delivers customized programs to meet the specific needs of organizations, and presents open-enrollment programs on selected topics as well.

Programs enriched with case analyses, group workshops, project workings, simulations and all other tools, aim to develop the competencies of executives such as leadership, on-site problem solving and creativity, in today’s competitive business world.

We meet high expectations of leaders, executives and prospective executives of the 21st century willing to contribute to their personal and professional development and advance their leadership skills in a highly reputable academic environment.

The contents of trainings rich in knowledge and experience are parallel to the global developments and based on active learning. To that end, all our programs:

Are tailored with an innovative approach to meet the specific needs of organizations and persons.

Are planned and run with an honest, sincere, professional and empathic approach.

Are based on an integration between academic knowledge and professional experience.

Are provided by precious academic members of Koç University having national and international academic successes and sector professionals expert on their field.

Creates an atmosphere to develop synergic communication and potential business connections.

Aims to enhance the efficiency of employees, leadership skills and team harmony. Contributes to people having a more successful business life plus a more balanced and content social life by discovering their strengths and improvement areas.