The program is designed in accordance with the main themes and functions of business management and it is given by Koç University’s trainers who are highly respected and known with international success. The program has 28 subjects separated as “Management and Organisation Module”, “Operation and Supply Chain Module”, “Finance – Accounting Module”, “Marketing Module”. It is 22 weeks, 44 days, 352 hours long.

The participants have to complete 4 homework – 1 for each module – and 1 final project with different learning techniques (case studies, computer practices, homework, and projects). The aim of homework is to help them understand the parts that forms the whole and the relation between these parts to comprehend the integrality of management. The final project is presented by all participants of each company. The aim of this project is to make them internalize strategic working techniques and support them to offer action plans and suggestions by evaluating the strategic side and targets of the company to make the company more successful.

Management And Organisation Module
Orientation & Introduction To Case Study
Project Management & Planning
Management And Organisation Design
Change Management
Organisational Behaviour And Hr Management
Strategic Management
Sales Management
Corporate Social Responsibility And Sustainability
New Competition Areas

Operation And Supply Chain Module
Operation And Process Management
Data Based Decision Making For Managers
Procurement Management And Negotiation Skills

Finance – Accounting Module
Financial Management

Marketing Module
Strategic Marketing
Market Research
Digital Marketing
Integrated Marketing
International Marketing
Retail Management
Distribution And Channel Management
New Product Development
Strategic Side of Technology and Usage of It