1. Category Management and Strategic Procurement (2 Days) 

The training covers the main notions of category management and strategic procurement. It is aimed to teach required techniques and processes for the strategic procurement approach.

2.Management of Supplier Performance and Relationships (2 Days)

The training aims to make procurement professionals gain understanding, process and skills that let them obtain effective supplier management competencies.

3.Agreement Management (1 Day)

During the training, it is aimed to provide procurement professionals with required key information on agreement management.

4.Procurement Price and Cost Analysis (2 Days)

The training focuses on financial management notions that procurement professionals should know. It aims effective usage of financial information as part of understanding price structure to raise the performance of planning and decision-making on procurement, force suppliers and reduce costs.

5.Personal Influence and Negotiation Management (3 Days)

The training deals with winning people’s cooperation by creating and maintaining a positive personal impact on professionals in their meetings, business negotiations and presentations, while also dealing with how to master challenging situations with the right negotiation strategies and persuasion techniques.