What they said about us?

Selcan Gümüş Sevingen Yıldız Holding, Marketing Manager

“In 2011, I received Marketing and Creative Brand Management trainings within the Marketing Academy executive education program.

While preparing my annual brand strategies I put what I learned in the training into practice, and have received many positive comments as a result from my managers and colleagues in other departments.

In this respect, I can say that executive education at Koç University has been the most useful and long-lasting training I have ever received in a professional sense. Thank you, Koç University Executive Education Programs.”

Fatih Çına ING Bank Leadership, Talent and Organizational Development
““As ING Bank, from bottom to top, our Orange Leaders' development is very important for us. In this development process we support both our employees' soft and technical banking skills with Koç University Executive Education Programs. In developing our Orange Leaders who have a professional perspective in business life, we have taken important steps through the collaboration of Koç University and ING Bank.””
Şehla Heper Eczacıbaşı Schwarzkopf Marketing Manager

“I have participated in the Koç University Executive Education Programs' Digital Communication program which was custom organized for Eczacıbaşı Group. It was very helpful in covering the digital world and understanding its dynamics. Additionally, it was a great chance to be with business professionals coming from the digital world and to learn their first hand case studies. We have also already found a chance to put what we've learned at the training into practice thanks to the digital projects we've conducted. Many thanks to Koç University Executive Education and all those who contributed.”

Nilüfer Bozkurt LC Waikiki Retail Services Inc. Domestic Retail Education and Development Manager

“As LC Waikiki Retail Company, our vision is to be one of the three most successful clothing retailers of Europe by 2023.

Within this framework we have developed “Leaders of 2023 Development Program” and “Progress to 2023 Development Program” together with Koç University Executive Education Programs.

In these development programs, our store managers meet with leading examples from the retail sector across the world and in Turkey, and learn how to manage in the retail sector from professionals and academicians. Throughtout this process, we have organized and continue to organize trainings offered by Koç University Executive Education Programs in accordance with our needs as they have made perceivable positive effects on our attendees.

We receive support from a professional team to fully and properly determine the needs of the group or corporation and to be specific and realistic about the goals of the training. This has strengthened our business partnership with Koç University Executive Education Programs. We hope to sustain this partnership.”

Cem Budak Bilim Pharmaceuiticals Inc. Business Unit Manager

“Adult education is particularly difficult because you are begin training from a position of accumulated experience and knowledge. From the start, I thought the long-term training that I’m participating in could be challenging. However, I was wrong.

Principally, active trainers in the field can find better solutions out of common problems encountered in business than others. Market-based trainers, who have made realistic solutions, draw you into the course and help expand your horizons. Interactive, group work training model and suitable class time lead to thinking that makes knowledge permanent. Also, providing suitable training hours and enjoyable courses has been very important. Moreover, in each course you join you sit with peers, talented, cultivated, successful and willing to share their knowledge, expertise and experience. During the time those students become your friends by the end of training. Together with these blessings, there is a friendly administration within “Executive Education Programs” that listens and shows leadership when necessary. So although this all ensures the training program is effective and short, I can safely say I wish I was a student here again.

In short, I would recommend Koç University Executive Education Programs to companies and professionals open to development.”