Turquality Executive Development Program

TURQUALITY® is the first and only state-funded brand-building program in the world that has the objective of creating 10 world brands in 10 years. In addition to its financial support, TURQUALITY® is designed not only for elevating the companies to the level of international benchmarks, but also creating strong brands that means more added-value and more market share. The program builds a bridge from the development of individuals and companies to the development of our country.

The focus of TURQUALITY® program is contributing to the branding targets of the companies in addition to increasing exportation. Developing a common management license amongst the assistant and senior executives of companies that will create brand conscious and awareness, contributing to building teams that will take the action and lead the projects within the companies’ market information, creating the synergy need for TURQUALITY® brand support platform, causing the participants to gain the information and ability they can apply to their own business process, developing a network amongst participants and companies, creating a ground for future cooperation, creating the international image of the companies within the program and advertising them are amongst the aims of the program.