Melike Mermercioğlu, PhD Project Management & Strategic Management

Melike Mermercioğlu is a Senior Lecturer at Koç University, Graduate School of Business. She teaches Global Strategy, Applied Project Management and Microeconomics of Competitiveness courses at Executive Education, MBA and CEMS-MIM programs at the university and acts as the academic coordinator of various projects in companies. Before joining the university, she worked as a senior consultant for leading companies of Turkey and has led projects in many sectors -both public and private- on strategic management, organizational restructuring, redesign of operational systems and processes, total quality and quality assurance systems, management information and human resources systems. Mermercioglu is a member of Michael Porter’s Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MOC) network at Harvard Business School and the co-writer of 3 books, namely ISO 9000 Experience (KalDer), Competitive Strategies and Turkish Companies (TÜSİAD), Competing in a Digital World (TUBISAD) and has articles on competitiveness, industrial clusters and company international expansion strategies.