Martin Alexander Ciesielski Leadership

Martin Alexander Ciesielski is a Visiting Lecturer at Koç University Graduate School of Business where he teaches in topics of Leadership 2.0, Resilience and Innovation Cultures. He is the Managing Director of medienMOSAIK, a consulting and training company, based in Berlin/Germany. The focus of medienMOSAIK lies on the developing of communication cultures in companies for innovation and resilient, agile self-organization. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Media Psychology, Media Systems and Communication Cultures from Freie Universität Berlin/Germany. He also has a Bachelor in Finance and Banking from the Berlin Academy of Business and Economics. Between 2001 and 2004 he worked for internet companies and did research for his master thesis in the Silicon Valley, USA. He likes to apply arts like impro theatre and digital gaming into his sessions for a better understanding of our highly dynamic economy and the challenges we face today. Mr. Ciesielski worked with companies like eBay, E*TRADE Inc., pwc and Lexmark.