Design Thinking Management - Online Certification Program

The purpose of this program is to experience how to manage the ability of thinking in problem solving processes to produce multiple, unusual and human-centered solutions.

Within the scope of the program: the techniques related to the discovery and analysis of problems, the production of ideas about the problems, and the presentation of the ideas will be explained, and the tips on how to carry out group dynamics, will be explained.

In the online training to be delivered by Zoom, the participants will enjoy our highly interactive training enriched with music, throughout 3 consecutive half days.

With Design Thinking Management Online Certificate Program ...

-You can improve your mindset that takes people to the center so that your products and services meet the user needs even better, you can learn how to instill this in your team.

-You can enable your team to better discover and empathize with users' unmet needs.

-You can learn how to assure your assumptions and projects before they are implemented and minimize your risks.

-You can express your ideas with less words and more visual expressions, so that you can express your opinion to the other side and / or decision makers more effectively.

-You can express your ideas with less words and more visual expressions, so that you can express your opinion to the other side and / or decision makers more effectively.

-You can inspire your company, yourself and your team for more impressive ideas with design thinking techniques.

Program Language: Turkish

Facilitator: Prof. Oğuzhan Özcan 

Case Analyst: Ceylan Beşevli

Who can apply?: Regardless of the working field, anyone who is interested in creative thinking or design thinking approach are available and welcome for the program.

The Program will start at 3. p.m each day according to Turkey's time. (UTC/GMT +3 hours)


1st Day
• 15:00-16:00: What is Design Thinking (DT)?

• 16:00-16:30: How is problem defined?

• 16:30-17:30: Dynamics in the creation of a DT team through the case study and the issues to be observed in the problem identification process.

• 17:30-18:00: How is a research question constructed?

• 18:00-18:30: Demonstration of various question generation techniques through a case study

2nd Day
• 15:00-15:30: How to prepare a user interview?

• 15:30-16:00: User interview tips through a case study

• 16:00-17:00: How is user interview interpreted?

• 17:00-17:30: How is visualization done?

• 17:30-18:30: Details of group persona and storyboard creation through case study

3rd Day
• 15:00-15:30: What should be considered while doing brain storming?

• 15:30-16:00: Tips and triggering tactics of group production of ideas through case study

• 16:00-16:30: What are the ideas chosen and how are they refined?

• 16:30-17:00: How can be an idea prototyped quickly?

• 17:00-17:30: Tips on refining and prototyping of an idea in a group, through the case study

• 17:30-18:00: Presentation of tools for working with remote design

Participants who complete the 10-hour program (3 half days) will be granted a "Design Thinking Management Program Certificate" by Koç University.

Dates: 9-10-11 June 2021

Application Deadline: 2 June 2021

Program Fee: 450 USD (included 18% VAT) for participants from abroad.

3250 TL (included 18% VAT) for participants from Turkey,

Training Platform: Zoom

You can participate in the training with your personal laptop computer or all your mobil devices, yet, in order to take the advantage of a wide screen, we highly recommend you to partipate with your computer. Having completed your registration, you will receive our e-mail notifications regarding the program.


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