Assist. Prof. Yiğit Sayın Law

Assistant Professor Yiğit Sayın teaches International Business Law, Business Law, Advocacy Law, Legal Ethics at Koç University Law School and Executive Education Programs. His main field of study being Roman Private Law, his other field of interests include: International Economic Law and Global Governance, Legal Philosophy, International Financial Institutions, and the Ethics of the Legal Profession.

Dr. Sayın had his bachelor degree on law from Istanbul University School of Law in 1998 and his LLM degree on International Economic Law from University of Warwick in 2001. Before joining the academia, he had practiced law as an attorney and legal consultant for many years as a member of Istanbul Bar Association focusing mainly on commercial and international private law. After practicing law as an attorney and a legal consultant for some time, he started his PhD on private law at Istanbul University School of Law in 2003. In 2004 he joined Istanbul University School of Law as a Research Assistant. In 2009, he received his PhD on private law and moved to work in Koc University Law School as an Assistant Professor. He published in the fields of International Economic Law, Globalization Economic Law and Rule of Law, Roman Law; Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, and Law of Obligations.