Customized Programs

Our customized programs are tailored entirely to the meet the specific needs of your organization in regard with scope and time and the contents of the trainings can be enriched with examples and cases selected from the sector of your organization. At the end of the programs, participants own a substantial certificate that may enable to create brand new opportunities in their career.

Trainings can be provided on a subject matter based on requirement and demand, or they can also be planned as a holistic academy consisting of modules that bring different functions of management together. They can be carried out on consecutive days at a specific period, or in the form of modules throughout the year, depending on the workload of participants. Moreover, accommodation opportunities can also be offered subject to availability of Istinye and Rumelifeneri campuses.

Finance, Purchasing, Strategy, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Leadership and Innovation are among the main subject matters of trainings. Trainings can be delivered in Turkish or English depending on demand.


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